Wisconsin Dwelling Contractor

Choose the type of education you need.

If you do not have a Wisconsin Dwelling Contractor credential but would like to apply for one this is the course for you.

The Initial Qualifier is the credential that allows you to pull permits in the state of Wisconsin.

CLICK HERE for ONLINE Dwelling Contractor Initial Qualifier

CLICK HERE for MAILED Dwelling Contractor Initial Qualifier

If you already have a Dwelling Contractor Qualifier credential you will need to take 12 hours of continuing education every 2 years.

Dwelling Contractor Continuing Education


Regulatory Requirements:

In order to pull permits to do general construction work on one- or two-family homes in Wisconsin, you will need to satisfy both of the following requirements:

1. Dwelling Contractor certification for your business, requiring proof of financial responsibility. Application form #3096:



2. At least one person at your business must obtain the Dwelling Contractor Qualifier certification, taking a 12 hour pre-credential “Initial Qualifier” course, followed by 12 hours of continuing education every two years, both of which are available through 180 Degree Education. Application form #3097:


Please note: if the contractor is not doing general construction work on one- or two-family homes or is doing work that does not require the contractor to pull building permits, the state of Wisconsin does not require a license for that type of work, but the contractor would still need to comply with any license requirements at the local level.


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