Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This page will provide you with links to the FAQ pages specific to your state and license type. Information such as number of hours needed for a particular license, due dates, course requirements, etc. can be found here.

General Information

  • After you complete a course it will remain active for 7 days. On the 8th day your course is deleted. Please make sure to download your certificate prior to your course being deleted. We retain records of your completion for 3 years (or more if required by a specific Board) from your date of completion.
  • Refunds are available when less than 1/4 of your course is complete and you enrolled less than 10 days from the refund request date.
  • All courses are either narrated or video based. Courses include all of the reference material you will need to complete a course.
  • Your certificate will be available immediately for download when you complete an online course
  • Certificates and courses are available for 7 days after you complete a course. After 7 days the course is deleted. If you need a copy of your certificate after 7 days please contact us.



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