Important OHIO ELECTRICAL Continuing Education Information

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NEW to ONLINE education in Ohio? There are a few things you need to know before enrolling. Please review the list below prior to clicking here to enroll in a course.

  • You may take ALL OF YOUR HOURS ONLINE however how you take them matters. You may only take 1/2 of your hours in a SELF-PACED online course. The remaining 1/2 of your hours must be in a LIVE course. Our LIVE ONLINE courses are fully approved by OCILB for your required live hours.
  • All online (live or self-paced) courses require a working webcam.
  • Our system is compatible with most tablets, phones and computers.
  • Electricians must take 1/2 of their hours in a code class. Our code classes are currently available ONLY in self-paced format.
  • For more detail on Ohio online education take a look at

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